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Three Bill and Ted icons!

First of all, I haven't disappeared. My MS (and my life) has been acting up, and I have a 17-year old daughter with what the doctor called mild pneumonia or severe bronchitis. She's decided to tell her friends it's pneumonia b/c it's "cooler" and she'll get more of a "pity party." :-) Whatever. Meanwhile, she's feeling like crap and needing attention, and reading/answering email and LJ posts and comments takes up more of my MS-impaired concentration and focus than icons do.

So, on to the icons . . . It's one of my top five favorite movies, so it was probably inevitable . . .

See my Resource Post in my icon journal, fading_coal for Resources, and each icon has individual credits here.

Take, use, enjoy, but please credit (and comments are cool too). :-)
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