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Caption contests

lt_kitty suggested more caption contests. I'll start one whenever a suitable picture from the paper leaps out at me. (When I was still teaching, and before that, in grad school, I used to put them up on my office door, but didn't offer prizes. I don't know how much TPTB approved. :-) ) But anyone here is welcome to start one--you just have to be willing to be the judge (I might try to enter :-) ). If you have the desire to create the icon prize yourself, please do; otherwise, I'll still do that part, just so long as folks understand it sometimes takes me a little while to get even fun things done. MS sucks, etc. But's it fun filling icon "commissions." :-)

Just a caveat, this is pure fun and not competition. I'm not into icon or fanfic contests b/c I have this weird idea that a big point of posting one's creativity on the web is that it's not a competitive endeavor. IRL, there's plenty of competition to get art, writing, etc. published, displayed, etc. But online, IMO (and this is just me), things are much more democratic, and no matter what you put out there, some people will love it, and some will hate it. I'd rather just take a person's work for itself, rather than seeing a post of how many awards she's won, so I don't join contest communities. OK, off my soapbox! This is supposed to be pure silliness, 'k? All the captions this time made me LOL, but the winner just had a personal appeal for me--it was a completely subjective measure of my enjoyment that I picked it. And I'm proud to admit it. :-) This is why I'm not having people vote--you can vote for "best" of something all over LJ, but it's not my thing.
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