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Caption Contest Winner

crazy_alexy with "Bush realizes that the alphabet song may not be easy as it seems." It's a scary thought but he really does look like he's trying to burst into song with the letter "A" in the first frame. :-) crazy_alexy, you are the proud winner of one exclusive LJ icon of your commissioning (and w/ in my Photoshop abilities :-) ). If it's Buffy, Angel, Firefly/Serenity, Battlestar Galactica, or Xena, I probably only need a description. Otherwise, I'll need a picture to work with.
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I would like a Kaylee icon, please. ^_^

I'd just like to have her be happy and excited looking (one of the less used scenes) and have it say "Shiny!"

Thank you!
I can absolutely do a Kaylee "Shiny!" icon. Just give me a few days what w/ the sick daughter and the MS fatigue and all, but it'll be fun. :-) I'll also want to look through Firefly screencaps so I find a scene that's less-used as you say. It's true a lot of icons show the same scenes.
Awesome! Feel free to deal with the sick teenager first, I know all about how that goes (both of my younger siblings are like that).
I downloaded a bunch of screencaps of Kaylee, so now it's just a matter of picking the right one and making the icon. My daughter is still home from school, but is definitely feeling better. But my ex-partner (we're still housemates) has had to use my 'puter (hers is broken) for work, and since I don't work, I figure it's a priority, but it's pretty frustrating not having the 'puter time. I'll let you know when the icon is done--I hope it turns out well. :-)
You can see and download your icon here. Please credit me in your keywords OR comments (don't care which). That also helps people who've resources I've used get credit as well. For instance the base for the icon I made you was made by splashbomb, and she's in my Resource Post.

Enjoy! :-)
It's wonderful!

I've credited you both in the comments (where I always leave the credits) and I love it! ^_^ Thank you so much.
I'm glad you like it! :-) Her skin was really yellow in the screencap (happens in dark scenes), so I experimented a lot to get a reasonable color and blurred her a little. I thought the base looked perfect for her mood and her dress (it's from Mal's memory of meeting her in "Out of Gas").
I love that dress! Did you notice she wore it in The Message when they are looking at the 'alien' fetus? I cracked up when I realized it was the same dress. ^_^
Oh, really? No, I hadn't noticed. Not surprisng that Kaylee doesn't have a huge wardrobe of flowery dresses. Cool--thanks for another Firefly-ism to know. :-)
That was fun. We should do it again sometime. :)
Whenever a picture in the paper leaps out at me, but any other enterprising group member is free to start one.