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So, maybe you wrote a ficlet about Angel and Lorne misbehaving at the Wolfram and Hart office Christmas party? Could be a drabble about Worf explaining the facts of life to Alexander? Perhaps you've written a kickass parody of "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" for a class that you want to share with the world? Possibly you have a set of humorous icons? Or you're writing an original or fandom-based cartoon? Or you've taken Molly Ivins as your model and have written pointed but sidesplitting commentary on some politician or political issue? Or you write dark humor b/c it's how you keep your sanity in an insane universe. Well, then this community's for you! This is a place to take a break from the angst and share your own humorous writing and/or graphics, either fandom-based or original. Because, after all, comic relief can be as good for sanity as catharsis. And please spread the word and tell your friends about us!

The Rules (yes, there are rules)
1) Anything longer than 100 words or larger in size than three LJ-style icons must be behind an lj-cut. In your intro, please include any warnings about material others might find offensive, although we are assuming this is a community w/ adult themes.
2) This is not the place for mocking or MSTing the work of fan writers and artists; there are other places on LJ for that, and my goal here is to avoid mean-spiritedness for the sake of mean-spiritedness. Parodies of published authors and satiric commentary about public figures and political issues are welcome--just remember it's still supposed to be funny. Save your pure diatribes for another group.
3) Thoughtful and constructive criticism and comments are welcome. Name-calling, rudeness and insults are not. Let's just expect we aren't all going to agree with each other about everything and we can disagree in a friendly or at least polite way.
4) Unless the author of a post has given permission for you to reproduce his/her work on LJ or elsewhere (say, her/his icons), please ask. Always credit anything you take and use.
5) No posting of memes, polls, etc created by non-members and spreading around LJ. If you create your own however, and they will amuse your fellow community members, then please post them.
6) If it turns out you've plagiarized the work of another w/out crediting him/her while passing it off as your own, you'll be gone so fast you won't know what hit you. And you'll get to see just how pissed-off I can be, and in my former life plagiarism was one of the things that pissed me off the MOST. Because, folks, it's unethical and wrong and and no different from stealing and is basically a really pathetic, lame thing to do.
7) If there's positive evidence you've broken rules #4 and/or 6, you're history. Breaking the other rules will get you warnings at first and dismembership if warnings don't dissuade you. I don't like to be a hardass, but I most certainly can be.

Suggestions for what to add to this description and items to add to the Interests are most welcome.